3 small habits, 30 days, transformative change.

River D'Almeida, Ph.D
7 min readJun 24, 2024

Finding everyday magic that took me from burnt out to thriving.

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It first struck me on a Thursday mid-morning. There I was, hunched over at my desk, feeling utterly drained, half-listening to my colleague Sarah as she animatedly recounted her training regimen for an ultra-marathon. I found solace in the thought that not everyone can be a Sarah, plunging headfirst into outrageous athletic endeavors. Some of us have real lives: kids, spouses, mortgages, grocery shopping.

Yet, amidst my fatigue, I felt an unmistakable yearning for change. Not the flashy, unsustainable kind that starts with a bang and fizzles out quickly — like signing up for a half marathon. No, I craved something more enduring, something I could weave into the fabric of my daily life, something that could spark genuine transformation.

After some introspection, I embarked on a journey of experimentation and discovered three small habits. When practiced consistently, these habits revolutionized my mental health in just one month. These changes were subtle yet profound, and they made an immense difference.

Week 1: The Icebreaker

The first week was all about breaking the ice. I started small; I sent a text to Areda, a friend from my previous job that I hadn’t talked to in a while. She had been busy, as…



River D'Almeida, Ph.D

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